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We love to work with groups…take your shared experience beyond the event itself and share the pre-event preparation to add to the experience as a whole.

Whether a bridal party, a group of friends and family celebrating a special event, or simply a group who want the ultimate shared experience before and during any occasion, our team are here to make sure this part of your day is memorable.

With the emphasis on creating a relaxed, fun environment, as our team work with all of you to achieve the looks you want.

A MUST have experience and one that will add to the memory of the event itself.

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Consultation And Planning

The more information we can gather about each specific member of your group, the smoother and easier it will be to meet those individual desires for EVERY group member.

What we want for everyone involved is to create the feeling of being valued and special, whilst facilitating group interaction and fun, as our professional team work their magic on your hair and make-up.

Our consultant will walk each of you through exactly what we need as well as ascertaining what it is you want to achieve with your experience.

Creating a Plan to Enhance The Group Experience

Our experienced team will create individual plans for each member of the group experience, but of course with some groups a similar look may be desired.

Although this may sound complex for us to manage, be assured that our vast experience in working with groups like yours mean our expertise will make sure all needs are met within the overall and individual plan.


The Group Experience Practical Planning

Many of our groups prefer to have us come to a specific house or location. It is possible of course to run the group experience at our facilities if that is your preference.

Once we have this final part of the plan in place, you can be be assured that we will deliver as promised for your special occasion. No hidden costs or surprises.

Your Group Experience Arrives

It is hugely important to us that we create your memorable experience exactly as you wanted.

We will check in with you, in the days before the event to make sure all the preparations are in place, and prepare our team appropriately to ensure you pre-event group experience is sensational!


Service Details

Whether a wedding, ball or prom, special  birthday event or simply just because you deserve to look your best for any event, we want you to look your sensational best AND create a fantastic experience that means you feel:

  • You are working with over 17 years of experienced, committed expertise to make sure your hair and make-up is exactly as you would like it to be.
  • That we will work with you to find the best “fit” for your look that matches your personality, your face and skin type, and of course your chosen outfit to create an exact plan for your event.
  • You have the opportunity to come in for a “trial” run to make sure the plan we have made looks awesome in reality.
  • We want to make your hair and make up consultation and appointment a part of the “WHOLE experience” of your event day…something EXTRA special to add to your occasion.
  • You know any costs of this investment in yourself up front so that there are no surprises.

Quite simply, we view our working relationship with you as a partnership to turn your ideas into something real, something extraordinary, a real SERVICE experience for you and others involved in your event…

Let’s Create what is possible…

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