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Your Dual Perfection Services

Your Dual Perfection team work with you to find the best solutions for your wedding day hair and make-up to make sure your sensational look is great from the time you walk down the aisle, and continues to look incredible for the whole of your day.

There are four steps to getting that “perfect fit for you” which are part of your wedding hair and make-up experience we offer including:

  • An initial consultation and assessment to find out what you REALLY want and how this fits with your wedding dress, face type, skin colour and personality.
  • A personalised individual plan to make sure we have absolute clarity about what we are going to do for you on your special day
  • The offer of a UNIQUE trial for you so you can see the plan in reality to add an extra layer of certainty that the plan we have created with you is a fit for what you want
  • The opportunity to share the hair and make up experience with bridesmaids and significant others on your day


Dual Perfection’s hair and make-up team goes out of its way to make sure you receive the best possible service. We come to you in the comfort of your home or hotel suite to ensure you remain as relaxed and carefree as possible for your big day or special occasion. We have prepared brides for their weddings in Bali, Sydney, and Margaret River.

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Initial Consultation

As soon as we connect, we will arrange a consultation discussion. This ensures that right from the start we gather the information we need to serve you best, information that means we can create the hair and make-up experience you are looking for.

As well as the more obvious practical aspects of your special occasion such as date, time and venue we are deeply interested in getting a deep understanding of your requirements, so we can offer suggestions as to what approaches, styles and colours will get you that perfect look you desire.

Our experienced team will not only ask questions of you but are there to offer honesty, integrity and of course advice to help you get to the ideal decision.

Personal Individualised Hair And Make-up Plan

As a result of the initial consultation we can then work with you to develop an exact plan for both hair and make up. We make sure that your plan takes into account ALL of the things you would want including factors that take into account colours, skin and hair type and personality.

Our plan will include any specialist products from our vast range to make sure that perfect look is achieved, and importantly step by step advice as to how you can maintain the SENSATIONAL YOU for the whole of the day.

Opportunity For a UNIQUE Trial

We can organise a trail of your total “look” to make sure you are confident that your needs will be fully met when that special day comes along and you have the opportunity to make any final changes to what you desire.

Ideally, we suggest you trial happens on a Saturday, 6 weeks or so prior to your big day, and we make sure the stylists and make up team who do your trial make-up and hair are the same who will attend to you on your important day.



Your Experience On Your Special Day

Our specialist team WILL come to you on your special day. This unique approach to delivering service, in the comfort of your home or hotel suite, ensures you remain as relaxed and carefree as possible for your big day or special occasion.

We have travelled all over Western Australia and internationally to make sure our valued clients receive our services when and where they need to to be.

Of course, our services can extend beyond yourself to others in you wedding party, to make sure that not only you have your desired ‘look’ but those around you compliment the occasion.

Because we have worked with you over the previous weeks, we can make sure everything goes as smoothly and easily as possible meaning your hair and make-up become a calm and enjoyable experience.


Service Details

Whether a wedding, ball or prom, special  birthday event or simply just because you deserve to look your best for any event, we want you to look your sensational best AND create a fantastic experience that means you feel:

  • You are working with over 17 years of experienced, committed expertise to make sure your hair and make-up is exactly as you would like it to be.
  • That we will work with you to find the best “fit” for your look that matches your personality, your face and skin type, and of course your chosen outfit to create an exact plan for your event.
  • You have the opportunity to come in for a “trial” run to make sure the plan we have made looks awesome in reality.
  • We want to make your hair and make up consultation and appointment a part of the “WHOLE experience” of your event day…something EXTRA special to add to your occasion.
  • You know any costs of this investment in yourself up front so that there are no surprises.


Quite simply, we view our working relationship with you as a partnership to turn your ideas into something real, something extraordinary, a real SERVICE experience for you and others involved in your event…

Create what is possible…

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